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Chinese students brutally attacked in Sydney

Excerpt of article Via Angry Asian Man:

A translation from Xuan’s blog on the Chinese social media site Weibo reads: “I really wish all of this is just a nightmare. However, the smell of blood in my mouth and body pains reminds me that this city is so dangerous.

"A gang of hooligans attacked us. Our noses are fractured and our bodies are covered in blood. My friend’s cheekbone was crushed. They attacked us with glass and burnt us with lit cigarettes. My face is burnt and totally disfigured! Worst of all, I really hated their racist comments.

"They were calling us Asian dogs and pussies while they were beating us. When my friend tried to wipe blood from his nose, a teenaged girl stuffed my friend’s mouth with her tampon removed from her pants."

Another woman passenger, who was also targeted by the thieves, allegedly told the attackers to “rob them, they are Asian and they have got money.”

My god. 

Excuse me, ameriKa by I Was Born With Two Tongues

(My, my, my, my fellow Americans
you’re too militant, lighten up
you’re too angry, stop complaining
why are you complaining? lighten up
you’re too militant, lighten up.

If you don’t like this country, get out.
you’re too angry, stop complaining
why are you complaining? leave 
go back to where you came from
you didn’t come here on the Mayflower, go home
this is not your home

Stop getting so angry
stop hating America, there’s no racism against your kind
stop being so angry, lighten up
can’t you see you’re too angry
stop complaining
stop hating America)

Excuse me, ameriKa
I’m confused
you tell me to lighten up
but what you really mean is whiten up
you wish to wash me out
melt me in your cauldron
Excuse me if I tip your melting pot
spill the shades onto your streets
I don’t want to lose my color

You wonder why I get so angry
and don’t trust me when I claim it’s your fault

Excuse me, ameriKa
you pushed for my paper permits
shipped us as cargo from suburban missionaries
from a land fighting for your greed
a country in distress armed by your kindness
rampaged and pillaged and suddenly my skin stretches on silver screens
the killing fields were your Hollywood hype

Excuse me, ameriKa
I have tried to make this my home
but you never wanted me here
nine digits to divvy up my newfound freedom
a hyphenated identity
misconstructed name
divided soul
Slashed-dashed-capped-and-lower-cased in labels
contaminated by diction
pricked by vultures of bastard tongues

You mispronounce my pain
the sting heard on roll call days
daily friction
names slip off teacher’s tongues sounding like
slaughtered soldiers caught in battlefields
excuse me for getting so angry
but you can’t even say my fucking name

Still you shuffle my anger aside
want me to bite my lips and watch my words
yet you cut me with your thoughts
your stories frame me in fiction
recreated for ideal themes
squeeze my mind for the minor myth that molds me
into your major model
gave me seductive sex appeal to steal your virgin soldiers
drew me dragon claws to kill your unlucky sons
excuse me if I get too angry
you spread lies meant to spread my legs

Excuse me if I have learned to master your language
sharpen my tongue, own my own words, and call them anger

Excuse me if I get angry 
watching my parents wither and work through cycles
while you steamroll over their dreams as they drown in blood and sweat
for fifteen minute breaks of overtime meals 
the factory whistle blows and all the stink 
that stains my father’s blue collared shirt
steel toed shoes cover calloused feet that step 
proud to be the backbone of this ameriKa
for jobs real Americans never wanted

My father’s skin sweats stories
my mother’s hands hold up hope
I’m angry for their sacrifice
I’m angry for their pain
I am angry for the lost stories and forgotten faces
drowning in this land of immigrant pool
I’m angry for the violence that bleeds onto your streets

Excuse YOU, AmeriKKKa, while I scratch your name with three K’s 
Mark X next to xenophobic tendencies
Scrape violence off your skull and ask you WHY?!!?!
You whip out wisecracks and attack the defenseless
Flashing the superior color of your badge
You beat us down, blame us as victims, remain nameless
Bashing the heads of all our Vincent Chins 
You serve violence, a beating for culture’s sake
You take grants for forgotten faces
Steal lives for petty skin crimes 
Bury our dead with bullet wounds 
Slay the living with foreign stares



Calling attention to the reality of anti-Asian hate crimes in America. 

Israel is denying Palestinians access to even the basic minimum of clean, safe water, Amnesty International says.


TAL9000: Israel is denying Palestinians access to even the basic minimum of clean, safe water, Amnesty International says.


In a report, the human rights group says Israeli water restrictions discriminate against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

It says that in Gaza, Israel’s blockade has pushed the already ailing water and sewage system to “crisis point”.

Israel says the…

I’d like to start our time together with a moment of breath and awareness for this work and what we are holding. I would like to remind us of our bodies and honor them as we hold the work of those of us who get the lived experience of being femmes of color in liberation and ending violence and oppression so that we all may shine; not just some of us. It is not easy work and I think it is important to recognize the toll it takes on our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits day in and day out. I want to acknowledge that many of us here are survivors of one form of violence or another, many of us have been witness to violence; many of us have been violent, caused harm, colluded in violence, willingly or not; and all of us have been impacted by a culture of relentless violence, especially towards women, gender non-conforming and trans people of color, whether they identify as femmes or not. I would like to acknowledge that we carry legacies of abuse, trauma and violence with us everyday, into our work, into our relationships, into this room. Our stories about gender and race and class and ability and size and immigration and family are carried in our bodies, breath and spirit …AND we also bring legacies of resistance and survival and love in the face of silence and erasure that carry us through, we bring those into this room as well and they are also with us all the time. We bring legacies of resiliency that are deep and strong and which we are a part of. And in all of our work we have a responsibility to grow and cultivate resiliency, just as much as we resist the current systems at work. We must not only fight against the world we currently have, but also be working to create the kind of world that is inspired by our deepest desires for our selves, our families (whom ever they may be, including chosen family) and our communities.
Mia Mingus, “Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability”