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Remember that costume?

Well, I decided to make a few upgrades… 

Thoughts? :)

I’m trying to create a RADICAL ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER campus wide event(s).



See, I need ideas. The more the better. To catch up here’s the post I wrote when envisioning this. So please please please, if you know any campus that have great events on Asian Pacific Islander identity and resistance please forward that information and/or people that way. I have a grant deadline in November if I want to get a speaker.


I think that this sounds like a great idea. In terms of the kind of events you want to do, I definitely think contacting spoken word artists/slam poets would be a very good starting point, as they embody radicalness, I feel, in every sense of the word. It would be interesting if you could perhaps create events that include spoken word artists/poetry slams for APIA and also events that might highlight certain APIA stereotypes you want to directly address. For example, you can do something like, “THE CHING CHONG DING DONG LING LONG EVENT” and address the problem of “ching chong,” “chink,” “gook” and other racist terminology that alienates, exoticizes, and creates so much injury for huge populations. This could be comprised of skits and panel discussions, along with Q&A sessions. 

You could also do an event that highlights the hypersexualization of APIA women in US media and give the audience a chance to talk about their feelings of such hypersexualization along with their own experiences. 

I would suggest that you get in touch with any APIA organizations on campus—these organizations tend to have budgets that are already approved and they might be interested in supporting your goals. 

Good luck! Keep us all posted. 

CALL FOR BLOGGERS: Rethinking “Race” in Yellow and Brown

What does it mean to be a person of color? How can we think about communities of color as also yellow and brown? I am attempting to put together an online colloquium/dialogue series on Tumblr consisting of Asian American bloggers (APIA/SEA/SAALT). While discussions of race amongst people of color frequently take place on Tumblr, like most discussions of race that occur in the real world, these discussions oftentimes are not concerned or interested with Asian American issues. This call for bloggers is attempting to create a coalition of Asian American bloggers on Tumblr to begin a dialogue centering upon Asian American issues, history, and identity as people of color in the West. 

The focus of this dialogue is to begin as a starting point by calling attention to Asian Americans and members of the Asian diaspora as people of color, in order to raise awareness of Asian American issues and include Asian Americans within the larger community of color on Tumblr. 

Possible topics of discussion may include (but certainly are not limited to):
- Model minority myth
- Migration/transnationality
- Undocumented workers and working class issues
- Sex and human trafficking
- History of Asian diaspora in the West
- Fetishization and exotification
- Hypersexualization of women/desexualization and emasculation of men
- Interracial relationships and conflict
- Intergenerational conflict
- Orientalism
- Anti-Asian hate crimes and experiences
- Interracial coalitions and political activism 
- Western imperialism and colonization in Asia
- Citizenship and nationality
- Whitewashing 
- Coolies/indentured servitude in the West 
(This list can keep on going on and on, but this is just a starting point)

If you are interested in participating, please reblog or send a private Ask to colorblinding here. I am hoping to get a good group of bloggers who do work in this area together so we can organize, plan, and figure out how to start this dialogue! 


October 11 is National Coming Out Day, an open opportunity to claim pride in the face of discrimination and practice support as an active verb. In the hostile terrain of homophobic America, the power of building an loving community is not to be underestimated.

“Our Families” is a new video series that paints an intimate portrait of LGBT people of color, answering the harsh angles and bold lines of cultural and family expectations with intentional tenderness. Basic Rights Oregon, a LGBT legislative and advocacy group, created the series to highlight the unique challenges and experiences of LGBT folks in our communities.

Obama to See Asian American Caucus For the First Time


I think it’s disturbing that Obama is only meeting with the Asian Pacific Islander caucus now, several months after he began working on his re-election campaign rather than in the first few years when there could have been a stronger difference made on behalf of minorities. Frankly, the GOP has not done a very good job at reaching out to Asian Americans either. Despite the fact that APIA’s are the fastest growing minority in the United States, our voice is still relatively ignored in the immigration reform.