CALL FOR BLOGGERS: Rethinking “Race” in Yellow and Brown

What does it mean to be a person of color? How can we think about communities of color as also yellow and brown? I am attempting to put together an online colloquium/dialogue series on Tumblr consisting of Asian American bloggers (APIA/SEA/SAALT). While discussions of race amongst people of color frequently take place on Tumblr, like most discussions of race that occur in the real world, these discussions oftentimes are not concerned or interested with Asian American issues. This call for bloggers is attempting to create a coalition of Asian American bloggers on Tumblr to begin a dialogue centering upon Asian American issues, history, and identity as people of color in the West. 

The focus of this dialogue is to begin as a starting point by calling attention to Asian Americans and members of the Asian diaspora as people of color, in order to raise awareness of Asian American issues and include Asian Americans within the larger community of color on Tumblr. 

Possible topics of discussion may include (but certainly are not limited to):
- Model minority myth
- Migration/transnationality
- Undocumented workers and working class issues
- Sex and human trafficking
- History of Asian diaspora in the West
- Fetishization and exotification
- Hypersexualization of women/desexualization and emasculation of men
- Interracial relationships and conflict
- Intergenerational conflict
- Orientalism
- Anti-Asian hate crimes and experiences
- Interracial coalitions and political activism 
- Western imperialism and colonization in Asia
- Citizenship and nationality
- Whitewashing 
- Coolies/indentured servitude in the West 
(This list can keep on going on and on, but this is just a starting point)

If you are interested in participating, please reblog or send a private Ask to colorblinding here. I am hoping to get a good group of bloggers who do work in this area together so we can organize, plan, and figure out how to start this dialogue! 

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