PLEASE REBLOG: Crowd sourcing development of an Asian American seminar!!

Dear Tumblr,

I need your help! Please reblog and respond and spread the word because I am trying to get as much of a response by crowd-sourcing. 

I am developing an undergraduate introductory course in Asian American Studies/Asian American Literature. Usually, it would be easy to simply draw together canonical texts and material, but I thought that it could be a good idea to crowd source people interested in learning more about Asian American issues, literature, history, and cultural productions to see what you would want in a class.

The idea of the course is that it would cover APIA as well as South Asian cultural productions, history, and issues in America. This means a range of theoretical material, literature and poetry, film and music may be included in the curriculum. 

I am trying to figure out how to organize an introductory survey-like seminar that will trace the production of the Asian American racialized body through history to present-day representation. This means, of course, looking at issues in pop culture in addition to canonical material. 

So this brings me to YOU, Tumblr! What would you want to see in a course that deals with these type of issues? What kind of literature, media, materials? What questions and issues would you want to be addressed?

What films, in particular, would you be interested in watching and writing about? There are not too many films that deal directly with Asian American identity in particular that star Asian Americans. And to be honest with you guys, I am not really sure what films are even out there that 18-21 year olds would be interested in watching and also would want to talk/write about that either star Asian Americans or deal with Asian American issues. Any suggestions? 

I am taking suggestions for any literature, poetry, slam poetry/spoken word, film and music/pop figures that any of you might find really interesting. 

Right now, I am considering the following materials (this is a big list, I need to pare it down): 

"Leaves From the Mental Portfolio of Sui Sin Far," Sui Sin Far; The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston; Excerpts from China Men, Maxine Hong Kingston; Obaasan, Joy Kogawa; All I Asking for is My Body, Milton Moriyama; Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri; American Son, Brian Ascalon Roley; The Gangster We Are All Looking For, le thi diem thuy 

Broken Speech, I Was Born With Two Tongues; Attack! Attack! Go! Beau Sia; Song I Sing, Bao Phi

Far East Movement; praCh

And of course, I am considering YouTube sensations like Wong Fu Productions, Ryan Higa, and Team Andrew (gunnarolla and songstowearpantsto) and their general reception. 

Better Luck Tomorrow, The Namesake, and even Harold and Kumar. (Could use some help here, too!) 


Excerpts from:
The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. Du Bois; Black Skin, White Masks, Frantz Fanon;  Woman, Native, Other, Trinh T. Minh-ha; Bodies That Matter, Judith Butler 

Full text: 
"Racist Love", Frank Chin 

To anyone who reblogs or responds, thank you for any input you can provide and for trying to help me crowd source a fun class that is hopefully as interesting as it is informative! 


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